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Magic Forest Tours Packing List

Even though we provide gear, food, and logistics, there are some things you will need to bring on your overnight adventure. 

Woman Browsing in Clothing Store
Hiking Boots

The best clothing for backpacking is clothing that is non-cotton and packs small, so avoid jeans! If you already own workout clothing, you won't need to go shopping. 

  • x2 pairs of non cotton socks

  • x2 leggings or pants (unless you want to wear the same ones both days no judgement!)

  • x2 short or long sleeve tops (unless you want to wear the same one both days no judgement!)

  • Pijamas 

  • A warm jacket (puffy or fleece)  

  • A lightweight rain jacket.

  • A warm hat 


Your feet will carry you and your gear many miles, so it's best to bring shoes that are specifically for hiking. Trail running shoes work too if you don't need added support. If you are buying new shoes, make sure to break them in by walking around in them days before the trip. 

At camp you will want to change into something more comfortable.  Waterproof and light-weight sandals are recommended for summer backpacking. You can find these from brands like Adidas, Birkenstock, Teva and others. 

  • Water resistant hiking boots or trail-running specific shoes.

  • Lightweight water resistant sandals or slippers

Personal Items

Personal items vary based on your cosmetic routine and what you can't do without. Can't miss a daily vitamin? Mosquitos love you? Bring only light-weight essentials, but without sacrificing your comfort & enjoyment. 

  • Daily & relevant emergency medications (basic first aid kit is provided)

  • Water bottle

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • bugspray
  • Bar of soap

  • Washcloth/small towel

  • A good book/journal/sketchbook 

  • Playing cards/small game/tarot cards

  • A favorite snack or drink

Persona Items
Fern Leaves

Still need help packing? Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. 

Sent! You will hear from us soon.

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